Why is a milestone inspection important? Does my community need to do this soon?

Florida statute 553.899 is now in effect

Senate Bill 4-D (SB 4-D) requires milestone inspections for ALL condominium associations greater than three stories in height by December 31 of the year the building reaches 30 years of age.

If your building was completed before July 1, 1992 this inspection MUST be completed by December 31, 2024. Inspections are time- and labor-intensive, so it is important that you schedule your inspection as soon as possible. If damage is found, the new laws also requires a quick timeframe for contracting any needed emergency repairs.

“Milestone inspection” is a structural inspection of a building to determine the structural condition of the building and its safety for occupancy. This inspection must be completed by a licensed Florida architect or engineer and is done in two phases. At each phase, a report must be sent to the local building department.

(b) The local enforcement agency may determine that local circumstances, including environmental conditions such as proximity to salt water as defined in s.379.101, require that a milestone inspection must be performed by December 31 of the year in which the building reaches 25 years of age, based on the date the certificate of occupancy for the building was issued, and every 10 years thereafter. Learn More

Phase I

Visual Inspection & Assessment of All Structural & Safety Components.

If no signs of substantial deterioration is found, Phase II is not required.

Primary Structural Members

  • Slabs
  • Beams
  • Columns
  • Shear Walls
  • Foundation
  • Stairwells

Secondary Structural Members

  • Parapet
  • Knee Walls
  • Railings
  • Balconies
  • Stairs

Phase II

Testing of All Substantial Structural Deterioration.

A Phase II inspection may require invasive testing such as removing concrete to assess the condition of the structure. “Substantial structural deterioration” means substantial structural distress that adversely affects a building’s general structural condition and integrity.

Don’t wait to schedule your inspection. You must provide this report to your local building officials, as well as mortgage lenders and insurance companies. Failure to provide this may negatively affect your resale values and insurability.

CSM has provided Milestone Inspections to many high-rise condominiums on the Treasure Coast, from Vero Beach to West Palm Beach.